Vision Print and Distribution provides a comprehensive distribution network that can creates brand awareness amongst the masses easy for your business.
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Booklet reflect your company's corporate image. It combines the art of design and printing quality. Send us your design or simply consult us for a unique customised design and we will turn that master piece of art into a high quality finished product.
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Single/Double Sided full color Flyer/Leaflet printing on 70/80gsm A5 Woodfree paper. No GST, 2-4 working days, delivery included!
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Vision Print & Distribution is introducing a new weekly Flyer Distribution promotion to help companies achieve a more successful marketing campaign. This campaign aims to give an extra dose for your advertising and brand awarenesss.

Island-wide Flyers Distribution
$25 per 1,000pcs (Mini. 10,000pcs of A5 flyers)

Terms & Conditions apply
- Full payment required upon commencement of project
- VPD may terminate or alter the promotion at any time without prior notice
Distribution plays a big part in awareness among your target audience. With a comprehensive distribution network, Vision Print & Distribution can make brand awareness amongst the masses easy for you.

With the different types of distribution services we are providing, you can be sure that we are able to reach your targeted audience wherever they are. We deal in the following distribution services in Singapore with Daily SMS Report option:
Car Drop Flyer Distribution
Minimum 10,000 pcs
Today, distribution is not limited to mailbox only. One of the innovative services for distributing your printing collateral is to drop it on the cars at any parking places. This will ensure that all the car owners will hear about you.
Door to Door Flyer Distribution
Minimum 10,000 pcs
Door-to-door distribution had been a common practise when the client wanted to reach out to their target audience directly. This is to ensure that the potential customers can see your advertisement and respond directly to you.
Though door-to-door distribution is a tedious task, we have a team of dedicated distributors that will drop your flyers, namecards etc at the doorsteps of your potential customers. Whether it is Jurong or Pasir Ris, you can be assured that your potential customers will be calling you soon.
Letter/Mailbox Flyer Distribution
Minimum 20,000 pcs
Letter box distribution is another way to reach your target audience and attract new customers at the same time.
Distributing flyers through letterbox acts as a constant reminder to your potential customers when they open their letterbox and see it. Additionally, letterbox distribution is also the most rapid and budget way of distribution.
Walkyway Flyer Distribution
Minimum 4,000 pcs
Distributing flyers at Walkway is one of the direct marketing channels to reach out to the masses.
Walkway distribution helps to create awareness instantly by drawing your potential customers' attention to what you are promoting. We have a team of dedicated distributors to distribute your flyers to passer-by at the location of your choice. Contact us and retrieve a list of hot-spot locations today!
Landed Property Flyer Distribution
Minimum 4,000 pcs
Vision Print & Distribution brings you to a greater height by providing landed property flyer distribution. This is one of the effective ways to market your business to higher prospects.
Condominium Flyer Distribution
Minimum 4,000 pcs
Condominium mailbox distribution is another good way of marketing your business. Your materials are delivered to the mailbox of every selected destination in your prescribed area.
Whether you are looking to develop the simplest static webpages to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic business or social network, or simply wants to revamp your website, we have the expertise to help you in what you need.
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Creating eye-catching flyers design is our forte, and we are here to make acquiring printing services a breezy experience for you at the same time. To us, flyer design is not just a piece of art. It is an end product that contains concise amalgamation of creativity, professionalism and your approach towards the business.
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